What is Diaspora Law

Diaspora Law is an online platform simplifying legal and professional services by bringing legal experts and professionals in varied fields to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Individuals especially the global Indian Diaspora, and thus creating a simple system for everyone to get the legal and professional services in just a few clicks.

The Problem

More than 40% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) believe that the legal system is designed with only large businesses in mind. Small business owners oftentimes avoid hiring legal consultants and professionals. They instead do their own legal work in the interest of saving time and money.

While it is possible, however, it requires owners and employees with little to no legal knowledge or background to navigate complex legal documents and contracts which can lead to costly mistakes in the long term, more costly than hiring legal assistance in the first place.

The Solution

Diaspora Law is on a mission to simplify finance and legal procedures of SMEs and businesses through our innovative technology driven cloud-based solution.

Our solutions make financial and legal procedures quick and hassle free.

Outsourcing legal services ensures a small business owner can get high quality legal support; that too without incurring the high costs associated with developing an in-house legal services team.

They can become more efficent thanks to modern technology specifically designed to manage and streamline the legal tasks and paperwork involved to complete legal work.

In a nutshell, Diaspora Law solutions are faster, accurate and we intend to save cost of legal and professional services for millions of businesses so that they can focus more on their core business activities.